Farnham Holiday Activities That Really benefit Your Child

Learn Music this School Holiday in Farnham, Surrey

Our school holiday rock band camp will help your child in five ways

surrey rock bandYou might be panicking as we approach the summer school holiday because you have no idea how to entertain your children for six weeks. Or you may be wondering how to keep them safely occupied whilst you go to work. At which point you might feel desperate and book them into any holiday camp that has vacancies. But before you do that stop and read this. Because you can have the peace and quiet at home, or the freedom to go to work whilst your child has huge fun and develops as a human being. Our school holiday rock band camps at Weydon School in Farnham, Surrey carry some real benefits that can only be found in the world of music.

1. Improve their academic skills Music and rhythm boast strong connections to maths. The nature of learning rhythms means they are using their brains with fractions, dividing and recognising patterns. When we discuss how the sound is created within a drum as the air waves travel through it, or the sympathetic vibrations when plucking a guitar string, we are teaching them basic principles of physics.

2. Develop their physical skills Teaching the hands and feet to move in time to create music is a sure fire way to improve a child’s coordination and motor skills. This will increase their ambidexterity and aid them when learning other hobbies such as sport or dance.

3. Improve their social skills This is one of the quickest ways to get a group working together as a team. The tasks instantly require communication and interaction and in no time at all they are encouraging each other as well as problem solving as a group.

4. Give them discipline and patience In the increasingly fast world where kids demand instant gratification or they switch off, music is the perfect antidote. Here they learn that they must work hard and take their time to get the results. They must begin slowly, listen to each other, work together and gradually the reward will come.

5. Boost their self esteem The process of our school holiday rock camps builds towards the concert on the last day. Having made great friends throughout the week, the kids then get up on stage and overcome the natural nerves that most people feel. After they succeed and receive their rapturous applause they are always buzzing with a massive sense of achievement.

Go across and check and when our next event is or contact us so you can book a place on the holiday music camp and give your child a school holiday they will remember whilst also receiving all the benefits discussed above.